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A young, highly motivated team working in close and constant collaboration with reputable experts


We work in modern laboratories and provide cross-linked analytical expertise to solve solid state problems‘


  • Modern laboratories in the Technology Center of the Ruhr-University Bochum
  • Problem solving through cross-liked analytics:
    (vibrational) spectroscopy and diffraction methods, particle analysis, thermo-analytics and (thermo-) microscopy, humidity and water determination, (ss-)NMR, temperature and time-dependent conductivity measurements, storage under stress conditions, solubility determination, imaging techniques
  • Collaborations with experts in industry and academia
  • Long-standing experience in the field of solid state chemistry investigations, especially for pharmaceutical APIs and patent-relevant questions
  • Crystallization methods (rational design, high throughput) for polymorphs, co-crystals, salts and solvates/hydrates, in-house synthesis of APIs and deformulation (reverse engineering) of pharmaceutical products
  • Independent service provider, strict confidentiality, no obligation to publish and non-bureaucratic transfer of results and rights

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solid-chem offers a deformulation service

Need to know what´s exactly in a product?

Deformulation, or reverse engineering, enables you to unlock the secrets of an unknown formulation, e.g. a slow-release tablet or a cream. solid-chem has a state-of-the-art instrumentation for structure elucidation. We can accurately identify and, even more important, quantify drug ingredients and additives in drug products. It is likewise important to precisely determine the excipients in their solid state forms using on our own samples and analytical data, comparing them with a vast number of polymorphs and pseudopolymorphs, using combined analytical methods and strategies.

Thus, you will receive a working recipe to accelerate your formulation development.

Based on the results from the deformulation, we can help you with a reformulation of the final product.